Xtreme Electric Violinist Steve Bowen started playing the violin at the age of four, and was competing Nationally in Classical and Bluegrass competitions.

Combining his extreme electric violin solos with Electronica, Hip Hop and, Dubstep, House & more, Steve Bowen is a violinist, composer, guitarist, mandolinist, singer, audio & video engineer and International performer.

Steve is best known for his Fiddle Rock Show ‘Fiddlestix’ throughout Canada, Scandinavia and South East Asia.

Born in Chingola Zambia and growing up in Sudbury Ontario, Canada, Steve began studying the violin at the age of four.

By the age of six Steve was competing Nationally in Classical Music Competitions and Fiddle Competitions simutaneously.

Throughout his teens, Steve continued to study under private teachers including Dr. Metro Kozak and Emil First.

He continued to compete in classical violin competitions and won countless awards.

Apart from being involved with Youth Orchestras, Steve was also heading his own Rock Band named ’Small Paradise’ and pulled many all-nighters studying popular rock guitar licks and transposing them to his violin.

Throughout the 90’s Steve performed with the popular Hamilton based Celtic Rock group ’The Swinish Multitude’ performing throughout many of Ontario’s University Events and Party’s.

The band sold more than 5,000 copies of their all original CD entitled ‘A Multitude Of Sins’.

In 2001 Steve landed his first major tour of South-East Asia performing with his Fiddle Rock Outfit ‘Life After 9’ and his full production Violin Dance Fusion Show ’SHAZAM’.

Upon the creation of SHAZAM Steve received endorsements from Yamaha Music and is still to this day an endorsee.

Performances included shows in Singapore, Bangkok Thailand, Phuket Thailand, and Malaysia.

A fully booked tour to Australia was cancelled when Steve broke his leg in a motorcycle crash in 2006 and was flown back to Canada.

In 2007 Steve started the Extreme Fiddle Rock ‘FIDDLESTIX’ and quickly became one of Canada’s favourite Fiddle Shows.

Dubbed Canada’s “FIDDLE ROCK BAND” by Y108 Rocks Hamilton (Hamilton Ontario, CA. FM ROCK Radio Station)

Fiddlestix headlines many festivals including a sold out performance at Peterborough’s Little Lake Music Fest (In the company of Jimmy Rankin, Carly Rae Jepsen, Kim Mitchell) to performing showcase performances for the 18th and 19th Phuket Kings Cup Regatta in Phuket Thailand.

Fiddlestix has since helped herald the arrival of the Olympic Torch in Toronto Canada with Gord Downie (Tragically Hip) to performing for Canadian and American Ambassadors in South East Asia.

From International festivals and concerts to corporate shows and theater, Steve has performed alongside artists such as:  The Barenaked Ladies, Johnny Logan, The Irish Rovers, Jim Cuddy, Alan Doyle and Sean McCann and Great Big Sea, Leahy, Big Sugar, A.J. Cole, John McDermott, DRU, and many more...

He has received letters of commendation for outstanding performances from various world organizations including, the Thai-Canadian Embassy, The Australian Chamber of Commerce in Bangkok, and the American Embassy in South-East Asia.

As an International musician Steve continues his study of music throughout the world, fusing melodies from Europe, Eastern Europe, India, Asia, South-East Asia, Africa, North and South America. From bluegrass, to classical, celtic, jazz, blues, rock folk, metal, funk, latin, hip hop and pop, Steve merges all genres and styles, creating the cutting edge of modern electric violin.

Throughout his carreer now spanning four decades Steve has previously released the following albums and singles.


2018 - No Lyrics

featuring 10 original tracks accompanied by 10 music videos for the songs.

EDM, Dubstep, Hip Hop and Electronica.

2016 - UR LUV

single original track written and recorded by Steve Bowen & Nancy Cipollone with accompanying video shot in South-East Asia.

Steve Bowen - Violin,vocals

Nancy Cipollone - Guitar, vocals

2014 - On Top Of The World

single original track

available on iTunes

written by Steve Bowen, Nancy Cipollone feat. Corey Niles

2014 - Love Is All Around Us

single original track

available on iTunes

written by Steve Bowen, Nancy Cipollone and Jeff Blake.

Recorded by Fiddlestix

2013 - Xperienced

Full length CD featuring fourteen original songs.

Recorded at Zolis Audio Productions, Toronto and L'il Big Tones Studio, Oakville Canada.

Written & Produced by Steve Bowen, Fiddlestix, Paul Milner and Micheal McIsaac

2012 - S.O.S.

A three song EP created in support of Autism

A collaboration between Timmy J. and Fiddlestix.

Recorded at L'il Big Tones, Oakville, Ont.

Produced by Steve Bowen, Timmy J., Fiddlestix and  Micheal McIsaac

2013 - A Fiddle Rock Christmas

Full length CD containing remakes of popular Christmas Songs.

Recorded at L'il Big Tones Studio, Oakville. Canada by Fiddlestix.


Written by Steve Bowen

Recorded at L'il Big Tones Studio, Oakville, Canada.

2009 - Our Time Now

The first installment from Fiddlestix, Our Time Now is a Pop Rock Cd, consisting of all original songs.

Written by Steve Bowen and Nancy Cipollone.

2006 - SHAZAM

Full length DVD combining multiple performances and stages on this breathtaking electro-violin dance fusion production.

Includes deleted scenes and bloopers. Released 2006.

Compilation 2007

Written and performed by Steve Bowen

2001 - Stomp

International fusion CD created by Steve Bowen and his International violin-rock outfit, ‘Life After 9’.

Combining music from America, Asia and the U.K.

Released in 2001.

Steve will be releasing his brand new show ‘NO LYRICS’ in the fall of 2018 and is currently booking up International dates for his new performance.

NO LYRICS will be available on CD baby and iTunes and videos will be released on Youtube.

He is continually bringing his original style to millions of people worldwide, appealing to audiences of music lovers from as early as three to as old as one hundred and three.

Steve is changing the way audiences perceive the violin, and is captivating the younger generation with his effortless and overwhelming abilities on the electric violin.