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From an early age Steve began honing his skills, which set the path that has led him to where he is today.  Steve has masterfully developed his style, which is redefining the musical parameters  of the violin.

Steve has toured throughout South- East Asia with his electric violin dance fusion production ‘SHA ZAM’.

This masterpiece of song and modern dance captivated audiences across Asia and beyond.

Steve has already begun developing his latest theatre production entitled ‘Steve Bowen's FIDDLESTIX’, which is currently being set.

Expect to see a magical fiddle journey across continents and time.

From International festivals and concerts to corporate shows and theater, Steve has performed live among artists such as:  The Barenaked Ladies, Johnny Logan, The Irish Rovers, Jim Cuddy, Alan Doyle and Sean McCann and Great Big Sea, Tom Cochrane, Leahy, Big Sugar, A.J. Cole, John McDermott, DRU, and many more...

He has received letters of commendation for outstanding performances from various world organizations including, the Thai-Canadian Embassy, The Australian Chamber of Commerce in Bangkok, and the American Embassy in South-East Asia.


Born in Chingola, Zambia, Steve moved to Canada as a baby, residing in Sudbury Ontario. He began classical violin studies when he was four years old, and a year later began studying bluegrass fiddle as well.

Receiving countless awards in competitions, and grants towards further studies at the National Banff Center of Arts helped strengthen the young virtuoso’s confidence, which he energetically exudes on stage today.

As an International musician Steve continues his study of music throughout the world, fusing melodies from Europe, Eastern Europe, India, Asia, South-East Asia, Africa, North and South America. From bluegrass, to classical, celtic, jazz, blues, rock folk, metal, funk, latin, hip hop and pop, Steve impeccably merges all genres and styles, creating the cutting edge of modern electric violin.


Perhaps the world's most explosive violinist, Steve has been performing  for nearly four decades, including thousands of performances Nationally and Internationally. He is continually bringing his original style to millions of people worldwide, appealing to audiences of music lovers from as early as three to as old as one hundred and three.

He can also be found at times touring with his celtic-rock Fiddle Rock outfit FIDDLESTIX.

Steve is changing the way audiences perceive the violin, and is captivating the younger generation with his effortless and overwhelming abilities on the electric violin.













Full length CD featuring fourteen songs

Recorded at Zolis Audio Productions, Toronto and L'il Big Tones Oakville

Produced by Steve Bowen, Fiddlestix, Paul Milner and Micheal McIsaac









Xperience. 2012

Fiddlestix EP containing six tracks

Recorded at Zolis Audio Productions, Toronto and L'il Big Tones Oakville

Produced by Steve Bowen, Fiddlestix, Paul Milner and Micheal McIsaac









S.O.S. 2012

A three song EP created in support of Autism

A collaboration between Timmy J. and Fiddlestix.

Recorded at L'il Big Tones, Oakville, Ont.

Produced by Steve Bowen, Timmy J., Fiddlestix and  Micheal McIsaac










Full length CD containing remakes of popular Christmas Songs.

Recorded at L'il Big Tones by Fiddlestix









SUPERHERO written by Steve Bowen

Recorded at L'il Big Tones, Oakville, Ont

Video by: Creative Guy Designs










The first installment from Fiddlestix, Our Time Now is a Pop Rock Cd, consisting

of songs written by Steve Bowen and Nancy Cipollone.














Full length DVD combining multiple performances and stages on this breathtaking electro-violin dance fusion production. Includes deleted scenes and bloopers. Released 2006.

Compilation 2007

Steve Bowen productions. copyright 2008. all rights reserved.










International fusion CD created by Steve and his International violin-rock outfit, ‘Life After 9’. Combining music from America, Asia and the U.K. Released in 2001.

Bowin’ 24/7

Combing electric violin with heavy, hard hitting rock is what Steve set out to create on this fully energized rock’n roll classic. Released in 2002









A Multitude Of Sins

Steve and Celtic Rock Outfit ‘The Swinish Multitude’ released this vibrant, fusion of celtic stompers, with hard grooving beats and rhythms. Released in 1992.


EExtreme and fully charged Violinist Steve Bowen

                                                                                    was just six years old

                                                                                    when he began competing  

                                                                                     in  fiddle competitions as

                                                                                    well as Kiwanis music      


stomp shazam sw
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